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Let's creep ourselves :: Favourite Creepy Pastas Directory 2013

Here's a good collection with my favourite Creepy Pastas, creepiness in one post!

Tervetuloa! if you're reading this it's because you're a fan of terror like myself and you're wondering why sometimes I can't sleep... actually it has noothing to do with this! LOL it's a small list now but I'll be adding more pastas and I hope you enjoy them as much as me. I´m not claiming to own any of them and they´re of their respective owners I'm just sharing my favourite ones in an easy way. Whenever you see this [♡] means I absolutely loove that pasta and you should really give it a try.

Further reading: I've gathered both english and spanish versions of the pastas, so everyone has one to choose.

Pokemon Black.
Jeff the Killer.
Found @itowngameplay , for you to listen.
I love how this guy narrates the stories.

Jeff the Killer vs. Jane the killer. [♡]

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