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Have I found you?

Are you surprised of seeing me here? I know that feeling, i'm as surprised as you... but the reason I'm posting here again is that LJ hasn't been all that crowded since I was a fan and I love uncrowded places so this is just perfect for me. Let me start with what's going on now , I'm about to graduate from college yay ! and I'm pretty excited as well as scared far are those days when I just had to worry about getting good grades on history or biology and that's it really whenever I see a kid younger than me like 16, 18 I feel nostalgic dont get me wrong I'm extremely happy with my life but well you know... I've been thinking of getting a job and my first option is a bank I've heard here to apply for a job there you don't need any kind of experience so it's a good start I have lots of plans but I can't say for sure they're going to be fullfilled anyways I'll try. GOSH! I sound pretty bitter, I'll have to talk about that some other time right now I feel like I can't actually I don't want to. I feel I'm rusty on this blogging thing... I'll have to get used to it, while I do that i'll post random stuff I like and lurk around. I'll post soon, promise.
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